Business Mediation Services

Business Mediation Services

Who We Are:

Boileau CS is a national firm consisting of professional mediators and negotiators who use psychology, game theory math, discourse analysis, law, and other science to analyze your business transaction or relationship, and provide win-win solutions through analysis, consultation, mediation, or negotiation.

What We Do:

We mediate all business disputes and business relationships. We provide careful consultation to clients before they enter into negotiations, during negotiations, and when parties wish to end a transaction or a business relationship. We also provide individual negotiation services in which we provide consultation for our clients who request help achieving the best possible deal in a way that preserves and strengthens a business relationship. This is sometimes called “Deal Mediation.” We employ careful scientific, mathematical, and legal knowledge; utilize best practices and techniques of negotiation theory; and use both game theory and psychoanalysis to optimize the results you want and need. Our objectives are to help you avoid litigation, develop sustaining relationships, and find best solutions for complex problems.

How We Do It:

We employ knowledge and techniques that we have developed from our research in game theory, psychoanalysis, communications theory, economics, and the law. We use a collaborative team approach and can quickly and efficiently analyze a conflict problem in order to develop effective solution sets for resolution.


We complete projects, offer consultation, mediate cases, and negotiate solutions on either an hourly rate, a project basis, or in some cases, pro bono. Our fees range from $375/hour to $750/hour, but we are able to negotiate project rates and overall costs that are within your budget and overall goals.